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Learn More About the Science Behind Probiotics

You Are What You Absorb is an educational web site for healthcare practitioners and others interested in probiotics and wellness.
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OPC Science Summaries

Benefits to Eye Health
Scientific evidence supports the potential beneficial effects of MASQUELIER's OPCs in promoting healthy eye function in humans through improving dark adaptation and recovery from glare, as well as enhancing circulatory function and reducing vascular abnormalities in the eye, thus reducing risk of retinopathy. These observed beneficial effects of MASQUELIER's OPCs are likely due to its ability to bind vascular wall components (eg. collagen and elastin) and strengthen the vascular wall structurally, as revealed through investigations in experimental model systems, thereby improving circulatory function that is essential to maintaining eye health. PDF

Structure, Function and Microcirculatory Abnormalities in the Eye and Beneficial Effects of MAQUELIER's OPCs
The main function of the eye is to convert light that falls on it from the outside into electrical nerve impulses. These impulses then travel to the part of the brain responsible for vision, where they are interpreted as a visual scene. In the eye, light traverses through the tear film, cornea, anterior chamber, pupil, lens, and vitreous chamber to the retina, which sends the nerve impulses through the optic nerve to the brain. Vision is decreased if any one of these structures is abnormal, is irregularly sized, is not functioning adequately, or is not properly positioned in relation to the others. PDF