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Roberta Anne Lee, MD
Vice Chair, Department of Integrative Medicine, Continuum Center for Health and Healing

Roberta Lee, MD is Vice Chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, one of the first Integrative Medicine Departments in an academic medical center. Her current departmental focus is to develop new interdisciplinary integrative medical initiatives. Dr. Lee recently completed a 7 year term as Medical Director at Beth Israel's Center for Health and Healing (CCHH), a nationally acclaimed academic model for innovative health care that blends alternative and conventional medicine from a science-based perspective. Dr. Lee is a recognized expert on the use of alternative, integrative therapies and botanical supplements in optimizing wellness and managing chronic disease. She is currently developing new strategies for stress management that incorporate a unique blend of mind/body exercises, lifestyle changes and botanical supplements. Her book, The SuperStress Solution, will be published by Random House in the fall of 2009.

For over ten years Dr. Lee has investigated the traditional use of medicinal plants in Micronesia, a collection of islands located in the Pacific basin. She serves as the ethnomedical specialist in a multidisciplinary team that includes botanists, ecologists and ethnobotany specialists from The New York Botanical Garden and the National Tropical Garden of Hawaii, Nature Conservancy. She recently became a member of the Board of Trustees on the American Botanical Council a non-profit organization that serves as an international information resource for scientific information on botanical supplements and ethnobotanical research.

Dr. Lee is a Contributing Editor to EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, which for five years featured her column "Notes from the Field", as did the journal "Alternative Therapies". In 2004, she co-edited a text on integrative medicine, entitled Integrative Medicine: Principles for Practice (McGraw-Hill). She continues to write and speak about wellness, the use of botanical supplements and alternative health issues. Dr. Lee has been interviewed in print and on the Internet and has appeared on the Today show, Fox news, CBS and CNN.

Dr. Roberta Lee
Continuum Center for Health and Healing