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Learn More About the Science Behind Probiotics

You Are What You Absorb is an educational web site for healthcare practitioners and others interested in probiotics and wellness.
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There has been extensive research performed on the probiotic strains in Vidazorb®. 
Chr. Hansen, a leading global supplier of probiotic strains, provides scientifically validated
probiotics for inclusion in every Vidazorb® probiotic product.
To learn more about the importance of probiotic strains, view this powerpoint presentation by 
CHR Hansen "Probiotics: Not Just Any Strain Will Do."
The research on each strain is significant and impressive. Click on the following strains
to learn more about all the science that goes into Vidazorb ingredients:
Research on Bifidobacterium, BB12®
Research on L. acidophilus, LA 5®

Research on S. thermophilus, TH 4™